Corona SDK Release Notes (Build 2013.2100)

This document describes the changes to the Corona SDK on Mac OS X and Windows, including the simulator, and iOS and Android device builds since 2013.2076

What’s New in This Release

  • Graphics 2.0 minor maintenance update.

Please note the following

  • The Mac Simulator requires OSX 10.7 or later
  • For iOS builds (Mac), requires Xcode 4.5 or later and OSX 10.7 or later
  • For both Mac and Window Simulator, requires Java 6 (Java 7 is now supported but upgrading to Java 7 on Windows may require reinstalling JRE6 to use CoronaSDK builds older than 2013.1093). Only 32 bit JDK supported on Windows.
  • Any modern graphics card that supports OpenGL should work.
  • Mac/Windows simulators now require a login when the simulator is started. (Previously, you only were required to login when doing a build or running a Daily Build.)
  • Widgets have been modified to support Graphics 2.0. Please report any Widget problems using Corona’s bug reports

New Features and Bug fixes

  • Android: Fixed issue with vertex shaders that affect various Android devices (which caused a blank screen)
  • Core: filter.colorChannelOffset should take the input texture alpha into account. Casenum 28536
  • Core: Fixed issue where object.fill should honor content scaling for image fills. Casenum: 28513
  • Core: Disabled antialiasing (platform issues).
  • Core: Core: Setting the anchor points to a non numerical value will now throw a lua error.
  • Core: Fixed changing alpha in setFillColor from 0 to 1 on touch causes crash. Casenum 28119
  • Core: Fixed the centering of Box2D bodies around their DisplayObject. Casenum 28033
  • Core: Added the ability to save large DisplayObjects, without cropping, to and display.capture().
  • Core: Fixed the centering of Box2D bodies around their DisplayObject. Casenum 28033
  • Core: Added new option to display defaults to preloadTextures via display.setDefault( “preloadTextures”, true/false ) (default is true to function like graphics 1.0.)
  • Core: Fixed object.fill should honor Documents baseDir. Casenum: 28213
  • Core: Fixed line:append() wasn’t behaving. Casenum: 28050.
  • Core: Added the “colorMatrix” and “colorPolynomial” shaders.
  • Core: Added transition-v1 library
  • iOS: Fixed DisplayObject anchor animation. Casenum 27665
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where requesting additional Facebook permissions returned the incorrect event state
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where the facebook listener wouldn’t receive an event when the user denies the login request.
  • iOS: Fixed an issue with Korean text being 1 character behind.
  • iOS: Updating WebView to generate loaded events for back/forward/reload/link
  • iOS: Added the ability to query if the app is denied access to the integrated Facebook account. To use it call facebook.accessDenied which will return true if access is denied and false if access is granted.
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where calling facebook.login() would cause the listener to be called too many times
  • Mac/Windows: Added ICON files for Welcome Screen New Project . Casenum 27920
  • Transition 2.0: Fixed a bug with transitions that get cancelled immediately after creation. Casenum #27933
  • Transition 2.0: Fixed the performance issues (now based on Transition 1.0 core)
  • Transition 2.0: Fixed the functionality to pause/resume/cancel by tag or displayobject
  • Widget: Fixed snapback issues on touch and drag outside the view.
  • Widget: Fixed the pickerwheel snapping issues on the columns.
  • Widget: Added the rowTouchDelay property to the tableView constructor. It specifies the touch delay until the event is propagated. No casenum.
  • Widget: Fixed a bug where the tabBar with a left value would not receive taps / touches correctly. No casenum.
  • Widget: Fixes the tableView layout problems when having defined defaults for anchorX/anchorY. Casenum #28095.
  • Widget: Fixes the scrollView event.phase not being passed to the listener. Casenum #28111.
  • Widget: Fixed objects with transitions inside a scrollView being paused on scrollView touch. Casenum #28240
  • Widget: Fixed various issues in widgets that occurred when the default anchor was changed. Casenum: 28340
  • Widget: Fixed the scrollToIndex() tableView behavior on Graphics 2.0, also fixes casenum: 24858.
  • Widget: Fixed background leaking through the tableView in the ios7 theme. Also fixes some other tableview rendering issues, casenum: 26439.
  • Widget: Fixed a bug when deleting a row from a table that is locked or has no scrollbar. Casenum: 26902.
  • Windows: Adding OpenGL driver check earlier in initialization
  • Windows: Adding checking around bind buffer (potential crash issue).
  • Windows: Fixed memory leak. Casenum: 28646