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Jan 12, 2012





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"Most importantly, this is how eBooks should be made! Where’s Paradise? sews together text, interactive maps, photos, and even a short film together into one seamless and supreme learning experience.
If the classrooms of tomorrow will be learning off tablets rather than paper, Where’s Paradise? is a prime example of how the best reference tools will need to be constructed."

Get the app at a new low price and discover an island paradise. By purchasing the app you'll also help us bring you new visions of paradise.


What is it? Where is it? And what’s it like for the people living in the places that we most often envision as being Paradise on Earth, small, isolated, tropical islands with white sandy beaches?

This is what our project attempts to find out, through a series of multimedia explorations comprising short films, photography, thoughts and observations.

Experience a new kind of a book; a new medium for presenting a film; a new means of exhibiting photos and a new way of experiencing an artistic inquiry. All in one app.

The first episode of the series, the pilot, focuses on the small island of Nusa Lembongan, 20 km (12 miles) off the coast of the main island of Bali.

For an island its size, Nusa Lembongan has a considerably diverse landscape, featuring white sandy beaches protected by coral reefs; rocky coastlines, with cliffs that break an agitated sea; a hilltop with an incredible view; muddy shores, where thousands of tiny colorful crabs come out at low tide; a dense and unspoiled mangrove forrest criss-crossed by meandering canals; large areas of seaweed farms and world class surf breaks. The waters around it host a staggering variety of marine life, the island’s coral reefs have more than 250 species of coral and 500 species of fish. And on top of all that, the island is made even more enchanting by the fact that it is home to a population of about 7000 people belonging to one of the world’s most exotic and harmonious cultures, the Balinese.

And because all of the above can be found on an island of just 8 km2 (3 sq. mi), Nusa Lembongan became the perfect point for us to start our search for paradise; what it really means and why have we imposed the image of small, isolated but beautiful tropical islands upon it (check out an image web search for the word paradise and take a look at the results if you don't trust this assumption).

Immerse yourself into this paradise through beautiful photography, captivating text and an intriguing short film shot and edited to give you the sense of actually witnessing the most significant and particular part of the island’s inhabitants lives.

Paradise awaits!

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