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Feb 9, 2012





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Time Keeper "Leonardo Da Vinci's Chronograph"

Misfit Minds - Application Design & Development Studios

Old world innovation meets new age technology with Time Keeper -“Leonardo Da Vinci’s Chronograph”.

A Da Vinci renaissance drawing comes to life in a visually dazzling display of motion.

Had the master inventor himself constructed a machine to measure time, one could imagine it working something like this.

This one of a kind timepiece employs artificial physics to govern 28 individual balls as they rise, drop, bounce, roll, and interact with their surroundings and then settle to indicate the current time.

Balls collected on the lower platform represents ‘hours’. Adding the number of balls accumulate on the top platform to the number shown on the middle platform represents “minutes”.

Action ignites every 5 minutes, at the change of an hour, and at 12:59 when the stored balls fall victim to the force of gravity and plummet from the platforms down to the base only to rise again to sustain the endless cycle of time.

A reset button is available to resynchronize the independently controlled physics clock with the internal system digital clock should the two vary. As an added bonus, slide a finger across the (i)nformation symbol to launch the balls into a rhythmic frenzy set to a melodic tune.

If you are intrigued by Da Vinci’s ancient works or simply want a really cool alternative way to show off the current time, then Time Keeper is the right choice for you.

Your purchase of Time Keeper is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

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