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Games - Adventure

Submission Date

May 18, 2012





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Teddy Kong Escape from the Jungle

Guausoft Tools

The jungle is burning. Teddy Kong must escape. Two balloons, one in each hand, will help him to be elevated over the trees..
But the journey will not be easy. Wooden logs, plants with sharp thorns and even angry monkeys will be waiting in the trees, watching to prevent Teddy Kong reaches the treetops.

Teddy Kong is a game based on the laws of physics where gravity, inertia, momentum, shock and acceleration will make all the scenes are always different, original and with unexpected endings.

This game will make children happy and they will learn physics while playing.

The adults will enjoy the friendly chimp also subjected to all kinds of pulls, hitting, pushing ...

And above all, helps Teddy Kong to escape from the Jungle.

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