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Jan 24, 2012





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Fire Cupid

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He made you fall in love-- but didn't tell you what to do next!

You're out and about, just enjoying life. Suddenly, zing! You notice someone who's simply amazing. You feel attraction. Butterflies. Nervousness!

Though generous with his arrows, Cupid has never provided a first aid kit. In fact, there has never been a truly scientific and reliable instruction manual for going from attraction to dating to building a successful relationship.

Until now.

Fire Cupid's goal is to eliminate awkward moments in dating. It arms you with the knowledge you need when introducing yourself, and what signs (and flags) to watch out for. In the first installment, follow Holly, a client with dating concerns, as she meets with a body language expert and they talk about men and women's hidden mating signals. Some of Holly's were actually causing her to miss out on dating opportunities. Could that be happening to you? Maybe that cute person you noticed is sending them t to you at the bar. Have you ever wondered how others interpret what you were doing when you’re on a date? Do you want to know your coworker's thoughts about you without coming out and asking them in a professional environment? Fire Cupid can help you answer all these lingering questions.

Explore the scientific reasons behind people’s actions in this exciting new interactive book. Through animations, games, interactive graphics, and high quality footage, you can learn the facts of dating. Join the initiative now and learn more.

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