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Aug 2, 2011





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Dabble - the Fast Thinking Word Game

Flashy Substance, LLC and ITCH inc.

Dabble is an addictive little word game that exemplifies the most common element found in most long-term successful games: it's simple to learn but difficult to master.

Each player gets 20 tiles. The first player to make 5 words using their 20 tiles wins! You'll learn how to play in seconds, but you'll be challenged for a lifetime.

And it's another inspirational story that shows how Corona is liberating all sorts of game developers to follow their passions and not let technology stand in their way.

Dabble was invented by 84-year old inventor George Weiss in the basement of his Brooklyn, New York home. When we heard his story, we couldn't help but want to cheer on his success.

And within minutes of playing the board game, we were certain this was a game that just had to make it's way to mobile devices.

We got in touch and offered to help bring dabble to mobile and being experienced web developers and experienced game developers (html and flash-based games that is) we thought we'd be able to quickly build a mobile version for George. We spent time on a flash version of the game but it just didn't feel right. It was sluggish to say the least.

We heard about Corona and decided to run a quick test and compare the performance. Wow! Within days we had the game running and it finally felt right!

We're super excited to be part of helping George realize his vision with Dabble and we're very grateful to Corona for making their tool so simple and yet so powerful. Thanks!

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