You're on your way to making great games and apps. Our documentation will guide you through all of the powerful features available to you in Corona SDK.

Corona in 5 minutes

A quick tour of Corona SDK and how it will improve your mobile development.

Quick Start Guide

Everything you need to get started quickly. Install Corona and write your first app!

Getting Started with Corona

Get installation and setup instructions. Learn the basics about programming in Lua.

Working with Corona

Learn about using the Corona Simulator and debugger, configure projects, and build for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Basic Functions

Information about basic Lua functions. Print statements, string conversion, setting global variables and more.

Images, Shapes, and Text

Load images, draw vector shapes and lines, display text, and learn about display objects and the stage.

Animation and Motion

Learn about basic motion and transitions and how to use sprite sheets.

Audio, Video, and Photos

Use advanced audio with OpenAL integration, load basic event sounds, and learn how to load video natively. Load the device camera and photo library.

Data and Files

Learn how to work with strings, tables and arrays, a variety of math functions, SQLite databases, and files.

Networking, Ads, and Web Services

Connect via HTTP and other protocols, load Web pages with full HTML5 support. Connect to ad networks, OpenFeint, and use integrated In-App Purchase.

System and OS

Get system info, use system-defined directories, and access the clock, timer, and more.

Interactivity and Detecting Events

Use touch, multitouch, runtime, timer, and other events to trigger app behaviors.

Physics Engine

Instantaneously create physics bodies and connect them with joints. Set world properties and use collision detection.

Location and Maps

Easily add Google Maps to your apps with the MapView API .

Native UI

Get access to native components including alert dialogues, activity indicator, keyboard, text inputs, Web overlays and more.

Advanced Programming Techniques

Learn about performance and optimization, loading external libraries, and memory management.