What's the best way to allow users to share JSON data?

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I'm currently working on a feature that allows a user to generate their own playlists from a compendium of mini-games. Ideally I'd like users to be able to share these created playlists but can't work out the best way to begin.

I'm planning to incorporate Facebook for logging-in, but don't think it's possible to use this as a means of sharing - if I'm wrong I'd love somebody to tell me.

Essentially I have a JSON file that when decoded is a LUA table of the selected mini-games data and playList criteria.

I'm just struggling to get my head around the best way to let users share these with their friends?

Any help or opinions would be most welcome.


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I think for that one, the easiest way would be to set up a hidden directory on your website.

From there, you can FTP upload or HTTP post your Lua table into a unique text file, then send the link via Twitter, Facebook, SMS/iMessage, or email so it can be downloaded and imported to their app.

I did that with my game Rico: Mercenary for Hire, so people could upload their levels to my server. Works pretty well.

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