Strange issue with sandbox changing location

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I am experiencing a strange thing:

If I don't have the Corona Simulator running in memory, and then launch it with my project, the sandbox appears here (as printed to the Terminal):

/Users/*/Library/Application Support/Corona Simulator/*-9B6B3D40EC131EC224976624335E9B4D

However, if I do a Cmd+R to restart the Simulator, the sandbox changes location to here:

/Users/*/Library/Application Support/Corona Simulator/*-108B36A1F05A6746EA7596AD2AE20592

I have a file I save to the Documents folder, and even on the first run, the initial copy of this file is saved to the 9B6B... folder, but subsequent copies are saved to the 108B... folder.

So it appears as if the sandbox location is changing during the app's initial run.

This is causing some strange bugs. Anyone know what's going on and how to fix it?