Target Takedown 2 - out now for all iOS devices

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Target Takedown 2 - Out now for all iOS devices

Sequel to a game I did a few years ago, updated with higher res graphics, leaderboards, facebook and twitter integration and improved gameplay.


Your heart beat is getting louder and faster, your ammo is low, the targets have taken over the screen. You remember you have one grenade left, BOOM! The screen is clear and you get a moment to catch your breath before the onslaught of targets begins again!

Target Takedown 2 is a fast paced target action game.

The aim is to destroy all the targets and avoid the bombs. As the time goes on the targets appear faster and faster, and just to make it that little bit harder, there are also moving targets.

For every 50 targets you destroy, you will earn 1 credit. Credits can be used to purchase auto fires, grenades, shields or extra starting ammo from the armoury.

Compete with friends and the world on Gamecenter, earn achievements and brag to your friends using the integrated Facebook & Twitter buttons.

Are you up to the challenge? You will fail, but can you survive the longest?

Target Takedown 2

Target Takedown 2

Target Takedown 2

An Android version will be released when there is a leaderboard solution for corona.