Push notifications on Android - some help please?

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hi Coronapeeps. I really need a hand integrating push notifications on Android. I have them working nicely using Parse.com for iOs, which which I'm more familiar. But Android is a tough nut! Can someone please give me a hand on what I need to do to get my app to 'subscribe' to Android push. I'm using the Parse.com REST api for iOs and would like to do the same with Android if I can.

I've gotten as far as using apktool to decompile the .apk. I managed to edit the AndroidManifest.xml as recommended by the guys at Parse.com to hook up to their service, and learned how to recompile it and codesign it, but...what now? My device isn't registering for Parse yet.

Android experts out there, a little help? Thanks in advance!



Brent Sorrentino
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Hi Jen,
This is probably a stupid question, but have you thoroughly studied the blog post about Android Push?

Also, make sure everything looks correct in your Android build settings (guide link follows):

Keep us posted, thanks!

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hi, Brent, thanks for your reply. I did read through the 'holiday gifts' posting. My project actually fits into the section where you talk about 3rd party tooling: Setup for 3rd-Party services (optional). Since I'm using Parse.com, I don't need GCM. However reading through what edits are required for the build settings file, I think I don't need to muck around with the AndroidManifest.xml file, which would make me happy :)

so I went ahead and edited build.settings for Android like this:

android =
service = { name = "com.parse.PushService" },
receiver = { name = "com.parse.ParseBroadcastReceiver" }

will those edits be written to the AndroidManifest.xml file?


there's a statement at the end of the blogpost: Please note that push notifications only work for iOS devices or Android devices with Google Play installed. Does that mean I need to do the GCM install, and then get the parse bits working?

thanks very much,


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