Image Enlargement (With or Without Blur)

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Hi, everyone.

In another thread, the user "Lava Level" mentioned that images are automatically anti-aliased (blurred slightly) when they are enlarged for iPad (from an iPhone-sized version).

He/She wishes they weren't.

I just wanted to state that I agree. It would be desirable to have the choice of "blur" or "no blur". There are certain kinds of images that need to remain crisp when enlarged.


"Lava Level" wrote:

"When you scale a pixel graphic it ALWAYS bilinear filters it or blurs it to the nearest edge neighbor. This is why my game looks blurry on an iPad. The solution I was given was to @2 times my graphics.... :( @2 Times PIXEL GRAPHICS?
Now they have it UP FOR VOTE. But most of the community doesn't get it so I don't expect it to come until maybe next year."


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Corona Labs have already addressed this issue with CoronaSDK 2013.1031.

Graphics: Add ability to specify GL_LINEAR and GL_NEAREST via display.setDefault( key, value ). Keys are "magTextureFilter" and "minTextureFilter". Values are "linear" and "nearest". Once you change the default, a* call will use the new default. However, you cannot change the texture's filter, once the image has been loaded the first time. If you use the image in other display objects, it will use the filter default from the first time the image was loaded.

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Thank you, BrightWaveGames.

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This is interesting, and first time I heard about this feature. Is there any performance hit or increase with either method?

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