Skyworld Enigma - Now Free for two weeks!

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Skyworld Enigma is now completely free for two weeks. No hidden in app purchases, completely free. I would love to hear your feedback on the game.

If you would help a fellow developer out by leaving a comment on the touch arcade forum post I would really appreciate it.

A game by InfuseDreams (me) & YayPlay.

Skyworld Enigma - Every cloud has a silver lining.

Introducing Skyworld Enigma! - Challenging & addictive puzzle game with a floating twist!

If you like action puzzle games you will LOVE this. Steer the Hero through a skymaze of clouds, each one falling away after jumping off it, one wrong move and you are stuck, in an endless oblivion - making it a ming-boggling challenge to complete each one of the amazing levels.

Masses of different cloud types, ice, trees, switches, buttons, barriers, portal.

Fun for all the family. Easy to pick up and play, hard to master.

Available on Apple & google app stores on December 20th.
Price: Free

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Just to let you know I've commented on this over at TA for you Danny :)

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Really appreciate that Appletreeman!

I am trying desperately to raise awareness of the game as everyone who has played it seems to like it, but still barley anyone knows about it.

Thank you.

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