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who of you will be attending GDC in San Francisco in March?

we will be in SF, and have a kiosk at the GDC play. Would be nice to have some chats there!

is corona there too?


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Very interesting conference. Would love to go but it is too pricey.....

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I've gone the last few years, and probably will this time as well. I did GDC Play last time (for a Unity game; so far Corona is just on the side) but was hoping to frequent the talks and such a bit more, this year. Still, I'd be popping in to the hall to check stuff out and maybe relieve a colleague every now and then.

*Notices avatar*

For that matter, I may soon be making my first attempt at something isometric, and if I'm tearing my hair out by GDC, it might be nice to consult a veteran. :)

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