1500 lines of code in on card & dice project - 80-85% done, need art, polishers and bug squasher

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Hi all,

I need some help getting my second app to the App Store.

A friend of mine gave me permission to adapt his game, which combines dice and cards to keep a growing prison yard from overflowing with angry prisoners. I spent about 3 months on it and have the game coded from beginning to end. The interface has been really smoothed out but there is a scorekeeping bug that prevents lower-ranked cards from being tallied in certain situations. Card art is in, but this project is way over schedule and some basic buttons would be great. The game also is slow-paced and needs additional gameplay elements. Nothing major, but a few scoring tweaks to speed up the game would be great.

I can explain all the sections of it to anyone who'd like to help troubleshoot it and really do believe this game will be a fun and original novelty for the App Store.

Thank you for your consideration,

Lionel Houde