Does Gumbo support spritesheets?

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Can I have a tileset or spritesheet and use it with Gumbo? I want to make a scrolling platformer with it, but I think it's kinda heavy in performance to use a different image for each tile. Is it possible with Gumbo or should I just buy Lime? Or is there any other free editor good for this?


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I could be mistaken but I don't believe Gumbo supports sprites - I'm also not sure sure it was made to create full games. I would suggest purchasing Lime or one of the level editor/helper type tools if you prefer not to write the code yourself. There are also templates for this kind of game however, so that might also be an option. (I believe T and G apps has one up.)

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Thanks for the answer.
What I want is just an editor for the levels, I prefer to code everything else myself, I just want the levels, that's why I wanted gumbo or tiled, just to generate the code for the level and nothing else. I wanted tilesets or sprites just to make it more efficient and easier to make the levels.
Anyways, I've been thinking about this one lately, and I think I'll end up buying it soon: http://developer.coronalabs.com/forum/2012/09/06/level-director-level-creation-tool-windows.

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