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Hello, I am working on a turn based multiplayer game and there has been one problem that I can't solve. It is about notifying players about when it is their turn to play(Ex. Scramble with Friends).

I was wondering if there was any way to do push notifications on the android device. Has anyone managed to get GCM or some other 3rd party push notifications to work for the android. I know that push notifications are on the road map and have yet to be implemented, but is there any way to notify players about their turn or when they get a game request.

I know Pushwhoosh supports iOS push notifications using corona SDK and that they have some tools that allow for GCM, but I have no idea how to get/send infomation about the GCM intent messages.


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@kng006, Hi, we automatically handle the Push notification for our developers transparently so you don't need to worry about what push to use etc. But your issue is that currently Push is not supported for Android on Corona, it does seem to be close to release. So you will need this support to be in Corona before you can do this.
Your alternative is to subscribe for Corona Enterprise and add the native Android push yourself. Adding native push for Android is pretty straight forward, so you wont find any surprises there.

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