IOS build dialog does not appear and simulator freezes

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When I access File->Build->IOS, the corona simulator freezes and the build dialog does not appear. The Corona Terminal shows no output or error messages. Given that there is no log or output related to the build dialog/process, it is impossible to debug this issue. What is going on?

OSX 10.7.4
Corona Build 2012.840 (Trial)
SimplePool sample project OR my own test project

Corona Terminal:
Copyright (C) 2009-2012 C o r o n a L a b s I n c .
Version: 2.0.0
Build: 2012.840
The file sandbox for this project is located at the following folder:
(/Users/test/Library/Application Support/Corona Simulator/SimplePool-0E229E140590810BF7EF27710ADD5B70)


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Take a look at your build.settings file carefully as something wrong there (eg. a comma, a bracket, etc) can probably cause this when building.

PS: What is "strange" is that you tried to build the Corona sample code and it did not work, so it can be something else than the build.settings file as well.


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One thing to test if this a build.settings issue or not is to remove the build.settings file altogether or replace it with one from our sample code apps and see if it builds then. If so you know with certainty that the issue is within your build.settings file.

Peach :-)

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Facing the same problem . I am not able to make build of sample projects too. Please help if any one have any solution to the problem . Thanks in Advance

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