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Hi, I am teaching an app development corse to 7 high school students. During the class the students have the option of buying a Corona Pro membership but I doubt that any will. The $199 price is a little steep for an educational experience. The question I have is there some way for them to put the apps they create on their own devices without the pro membership? Some of the students will have android devices and some will have apple devices.


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You can definitely build and install on an Android phone with the free trial. iPhones might be a wee bit trickier. First of all, for the iPhone, you have to use a Mac for development. Secondly, when I tried to deploy onto my iPod touch, there were issues regarding certificates (or something like that). I'm not sure if you have to be a registered developer to build and install on an iPhone.

The other thing to consider is to simply run apps on the simulator. Yes, you have to live with some limitations (like no accelerometer), but there are so many cool things that you can do on the simulator and it's so fast. Also, there is educator pricing for Corona and you should contact them through the store to learn more.

I feel like these folks are very pro education.

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The trial version of Corona can be installed freely on both Android and iOS devices. The only problem with iOS devices is Apple requires a developer's certificate in order to run on an actual device. Apple's Developer program cost $99/year.

You can have one developer account with a "team" of developers that would be able to build and install on iOS devices. The developer account is not needed to use the iOS Simulator.

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For the Apple devices you can always Jailbreak it and get Installous and iFile through Cydia. This is NOT illegal as well but Apple frowns upon it. If any of them have iOS 6 though it would be a semi-tethered/tethered jailbreak. It is easy to do though just search on Youtube or Google on how to do it. There is no way to untether iOS 6 though.

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