Android Emulator produces corrupted visuals

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Whenever I deploy my app to the Android Emulator I see screens that look like this:


This problem doesn't occur on any Android or iOS device I've tested, only in the emulator, I created the emulator with the default options. It's really slowing down my development so I'd really appreciate some help in getting to the bottom of it!



Joshua Quick
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I believe the issue here is that the older versions of the Android emulator are using a software implementation of OpenGL ES 1.0. Corona requires at least OpenGL ES 1.1 because it uses that version's APIs to implement blending and masking.

Supposedly the newest Android emulator (version 4.0.3 r2) supports hardware rendering and OpenGL ES 2.0. At least according to Google's blog post from the link below...

Although I've tried the newest emulator and it is still dog slow.

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