The Future of Mobile and Social Gaming

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Steve Hoffman
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Sign up for Event: http://www.foundersspace.com/answers/the-future-of-mobile-and-social-gaming/

Games are rapidly changing the face of mobile and social networks and how we interact with one another. Where do the opportunities lie in 2012? Who’s innovating? What are the next big breakthroughs that will radically alter gaming, monetization and user engagement on your phone and the web? These are a few of the questions we’re going to answer as we go deep on the latest trends in mobile and social gaming.

Have you ever tried the game "Idle Worship"? If not, you should! It's the absolute best social game ever made (by a long shot), and the CEO of Idle Games will be on our panel talking about how he made it.

Speakers: Steve Hoffman of CEO of PlayGearz, Daniel Pfeiffer, VP of FunMobility and Jeff Hyman, CEO of Idle Games


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This is really interesting, wish it wasn't 6000 miles away :)
Hope that after the panel you upload some summary on web for those of us who can't attend.

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Idle Worship
Idle Game just launched their new social game which opens up a new genre coming with the “God” title.
Idle Worship is such kind of game which can grant you these wishes. In Idle Worship, you can take the role
as the god of a group of humanoid creatures, which are created by mud and are named “Mudlings”.

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