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Hi all,

I have created a game of about 70MB in file size and have already published to the iOS with no problem. However, when I tried to deploy the game to Android, it says the game has exceeded the 50MB file size limit. With the recent changes in the Google Play store related to the file size, can anyone suggest a way I can deploy my game to Google Play store?

Thanks in advance!


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First off, how can your file size be that big?


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I am nearing 80MB and is not even iPad retina...with that i could easily hit 120MB+...big, multi-level (z) maps, full 12 song soundtrack, etc...

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Here are a couple of suggestions and you may not like them...

1. Use JPEGs instead of PNG's where possible. If you have large backgrounds JPEG compression will make the files sizes considerable smaller than PNGs. If you need transparency, you will need to keep them pings, but where you don't try JPEGs instead.

2. Make all your sounds Mono 11khz sounds. This will significantly reduce your file sizes. Most people are listening to them on the devices external speakers anyway, so having 44khz stereo sounds isn't buying you a whole lot other than making your project fat.

Then even with that, you may have to go to a mode where you host your sounds and graphics on your own web server and download them during play. If your player can't play level 10 until they've finished level 9, download level 10's resources while they are playing level 9.

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Above are all good suggestions and most likely, they will shave off a substantian amount of fat off your application. Evaluate what encoding of audio, image assets is a good compromise and asses how they're stored.

Have you tried storing images on larger sheets and slicing the images
off of them during startup ?

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I saw a couple of articles that said the max size of an Android app had increased, but the original app still had to be 50MB or less. The original app can be installed, and then it can download the additional content.

Here is a link to one of those articles:


This article contains a link to the official Android announcement.

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I am also aware of the new change but I am wondering how Corona developer normally deal with this issue besides trying to reduce the quality and file size. Is there a way I can create the original app in less than 50MB and have another package exported from Corona in larger file size?

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