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Hello Guys / Gals,

I’m asking for some advice from you Apple programming users,
I would like to purchase an Apple machine in the next couple of weeks
And was wondering which machine would be best to get. I have done some
Research on the subject and have come up with the following, NOT every owning
Or even typing on a Apple before, hold in there with me, I’m one of those old hard
Core MS guys you hear about finally biting down and purchasing a Mac, I think it’s
A good move, being that Corona can be used to develop both IOS and Android on
One machine…big plus for me ;), plus the fact I’m just READY for new ground to cover.
(old dogs sometimes CAN learn new tricks!)

I’m looking to spend about $1000.00 – $1500.00
I’m leaning toward the Macbook Pro (all advice WELCOME!)

13-inch: 2.4 GHz
• 2.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
• 4GB 1333MHz
• 500GB 5400-rpm1
• Intel HD Graphics 3000

Would this be about right?

I’m also leaning toward a laptop vs desktop unless someone can give me some good
Advice otherwise, I’ve always loved the mobile thing… ;)
Thank you for all your support and may Corona bring your dreams closer!

Thank you all!

Best Regards,
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More or less my setup, that.
To save money you might go for a one year old machine and take out apple cover.
For about 60 dollars you can add VM Fusion and thus run Windows on it too, or set up Boot Camp and do it for free.

You'll do well to grab a cheap external drive too: Time Machine is fantastic for backups.

Kyle Coburn
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If you're going to go for a MacBook for your primary developer environment then I would at least consider the 15 inch.. Although it gets a lot more expensive. You get more screen real estate, a processor bump, and dedicated graphics for the money.

Your cheapest way is of course the Mac Mini (and slot in some extra ram yourself), if you can sacrifice the portability and already have a good screen to use.

Refurb is a pretty good place to start for a decent price (in some cases you can also grab the last gen model for a bit extra off).

For a MacBook, these look like good deals from Apple:

I have this iMac and love it:

Macs are great tools for building apps, good luck with your purchase!

Sid T
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I second @Revaerie's post. I strongly recommend the iMac and save the other $500 for a nook color ($149), kindle fire ($170), External HD for backup ($75) and maybe have room for a Wacom Bamboo for drawing :)

I have a 24" imc and a 24" pc side by side. I love my imac for development and I love my PC for Battlefield 3 :).


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That Mac looks fine. But as a general courtesy warning to anybody who comes across this thread:

Anybody purchasing a (used) Mac at this time should consider Mountain Lion (10.8) compatibility as a requirement. Generally a 64-bit Intel-based machine with a good OpenGL video card is the requirement. Google search for more details.

Here's one such list:

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I went with the MacBook Pro and I'm glad I did. For a change of pace, I like to work in different places and this would't be possible without a laptop.

When I'm in my home office, I connect to a full size keyboard, monitor and mouse. You can use any USB keyboard and mouse. You don't have to use the Apple branded items. There is a connecter you can buy for about $20 that lets you hook the MBP to any monitor.

Chang Kian Boon
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Hi Larry,

The first time when I switch from Windows to Mac OS for iOS development, I bought an old Mac Mini (2010) Model as it is cheap and if I found that Mac OS is not good enough for me, I won't be losing too much money!

The old Mac Mini is capable of running Corona, however it is not capable of running virtual windows such as Parallel or VMware Fusion when you need it. It is also not very suitable for loading photoshop graphics.

A few months ago, I bought a Macbook Pro 13" (same model as posted by you) and found out that it is so convenient to carry around and capable of running virtual windows. Besides, it runs OS X Lion and Photoshop smoothly. I have completely abandoned my old Mac Mini since I got my MBP. So my advice is, get the 13" MBP straight. You will love it. 15" MBP might be too expensive for first time user, I get you. =) Furthermore 15" is more heavy to carry around, if you mind the weight.

In case you need more processing power next time to produce high resolution graphics etc, you can always get a more powerful and high spec iMac or Mac Pro in the future. And you can still carry your MBP around and do all the normal task without any problem.

Believe me, you won't regret to switch to Mac. Get the 13" MBP now! =)


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i started with a mac mini then moved to macbook while waiting for the new mac air. now the mac air is my main machine i also have a macbook pro but really like the lighter weight of the air

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Hey Guys,

I thank you for ALL your great advice, even tho I was leaning
in the direction of a Macbook pro 2.5 GHZ 13", I re-thought
the process and did a little bit more digging...

The laptop would be portable, but a small screen, I now own
two Windoze laptops now running Windows 7, so...I would use
these machines for the portable part I love and thought
I would go with a litte bit more processing power and with
a Quad core iMac 2.5 GHZ 21.5" screen...(primary machine for
development) for the office...

Some thing like:

21.5-inch: 2.5GHz
2.5GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
1920 x 1080 resolution
4GB (two 2GB) memory (expand to 16GB)
500GB hard drive1 (7200) (I already have a ext 1TB drive)
AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB


Local price on sale NEW would be $1050.00 (a deal)

What's your thoughts?

I again appreciate you ALL for taking the time to school the old dog (well not that old)... ;)

"Your all the best!!"

Best Regards,

Willow Road games

Kyle Coburn
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Larry, that is my exact setup (installing the extra ram yourself is super easy and cheap as you've noted).

And as I alluded to above, I love it. Works great for my Corona workflow and of course everything else. It's more than powerful enough to handle most anything I throw at it, so between the quality display and solid hardware specs you should get many good years of enjoyment out of it, too.

This is kind of random but I had just posted in another thread a picture of the iMac in my workspace (they seem popular with the Corona community :), and touched a bit on the laptop/desktop thinking a bit too.

After working on the 13" laptop screen for several years the extra screen size has really made a difference for me. There's no question that it's easier to work with, and enables me to be more productive.

And it sounds like you'd still be able to take your Corona projects with you on a laptop. So from my perspective at least, the iMac would definitely be the right call in your spot.

Either way, good luck with your purchase!

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MacBook 13" 4gb ram
Intel core.
External hard drive.
External video adapter to use with external monitor.
I purchased extra battery to swap out.
Stay current on o.s. !!!

Don't get a Mac mini.

It's not portable and u will hate being locked at a desktop
When there is a pretty day outside!!! I like to write my code
In spurts, while enjoying the outdoor sun.

Last thing... Check with techforless dot com or cowboom dot com.
I picked my MacBook for under 350 bucks. Used and I've have no problem.
Cowboom said that the video screen was going out, so I thought I would just hook
Up my external monitor, but it turned out that a simple o.s. upgrade was needed
To fix the darkening screen problem.

Make sure you read all information on your purchase before buying. The two
Websites above sell refurbished devices sometimes with no service plan.
So just read a lot and don't be afraid to call them with any questions.

Note: I am speaking from personal experience and not a paid sales rep
For the above websites.


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