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carlos m. icaza
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Did you know that me, Walter and David are always doing talks, presentations, meetups, chats, and that we also talk to the media about mobile gaming and mobile app development... right?

Therefore, because of all the meetings and media interviews, presentations, etc, we often demo the apps that end up on our showcase, forum, or we learn from you via twitter.

So, I am going to let you know, that if you want your app to be a swipe away from being demo at a conference, meetup, chat, preso, media, you know what to do right?

Yep. Send us promo codes, we will install the app onto our phones ready to present at any given event.

If the app is free, then no promo code. but still let us know and send us a link to the app to download.

To make it easier for all of you, I am going to give you my email address

cicaza [at] anscamobile [dot] com

Send me three promo codes for me, Walter and David and soon enough, we will be demoing your app at events all over the place.


ps: i do tweet apps as well so don't forge to follow me at

pss: one more thing. if i don't answer, forgive me, but i get a lot of e-mails but i am good at responding. usually takes me a few days to respond...but in case i don't.. don't think it is not because i didn't like your app....