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Hey Lime users, I was supposed to post this a while ago but some how forgot. Essentially MonkeyDead Studios is no more and I have now started up a new company with a friend of mine called Glitch Games. Our website can be seen here - www.glitchgames.co.uk

As far as support goes it will be essentially the same, it will still be just me as Simon ( my co-founder ) will not be able to help there much, at least for now. You can either post here, email us support@justaddli.me or support@glitchgames.co.uk or find us via Twitter - @GlitchGames

If you have any questions etc please just ask.

- Edit -

I also forgot to mention, Lime 3.5 is coming very soon. It is essentially ready but I would like some more testers so if you are interested please contact me via one of the email addresses listed above.


Richard P.
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Awesome! I purchased it recently. Haven't really tried much with it yet, but it's looking great so far.

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Hey Graham will the 3.5 take advantage of the updated tile feature. If so I can't wait to see what the update does to the memory usage in my game :)

keep the good work :)

GrahamRanson (not verified)

Yup it will indeed. I have just today after the blog post replaced the old sprite stuff with the new Image Sheet stuff as well as pulled out all the hardcoded @2x stuff and my attempt at culling.

The only thing I am not sure about yet is what to do with the new Image Sheet Groups as the limitation of not being able to have Image Sheets created from different images in them will most likely be a problem as a Tiled map is generally made up of multiple tileset images. Will need to speak to someone at Ansca about that as it may turn out that the limitation is only temporary.

For anyone interested in trying out the new Lime code just send me an email and I will get it sent off to you - graham AT glitchgames DOT co DOT uk

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Argh, If I understand correctly if for example a map use multiple titlesets in Tiled it could cause issued ?

If that the cased and It not temporary I'm kinda stuck to running on an old version lime lol.

Thanks for keeping us updated

GrahamRanson (not verified)

You will still be able to use most of the new Corona features with the new version of Lime, it is just the image group stuff you won't be able to use for now. I am trying to find out what I can do about that.

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