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Hi, my name's Alex Greene and I'm 16 years old. I've been with Corona for a while, but my subscription ran out so it says I'm a test driver.

I have a quiz template that I spent a lot of time on but never got around to publishing anything with it. My hope isn't that people use this for submitting tons of quiz apps to clog the app store, but to use it as a learning tool, or build on top of it.

I'm giving it away for free, with 1 string attached. I'm currently entered in a teen business idea competition and I desperately need votes in order to be a finalist! All you have to do is vote for my idea, post the number of your vote below (or to alexgrn7@gmail.com) along with your email address, and I will send you the project :)



Bead Pond
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I think I was 433. Hope the contest goes your way!


Thanks, Kiffin

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Hi Alex,

I can't vote for you anymore but are interested in your project.


Regards, Aad

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I am also interested to see your template...


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