Need a Programmer Partner to Finish Programming a Partially Made Game

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Eric D. Tippett
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Hi, I have been working on a game for a while now and it is almost done. However the programmer that was working on it, can no longer work on it, so I need someone to help finish it.

I don't think this game should take that long to finish and I wanted to get it done before February ends.

This is a physics based game with some animations. This game is turning out great, so I just need a passionate programmer to help finish this.

I will give you the game doc and the current game file, I will just need an NDA to be signed. Then we can start right away.

I will be starting new projects after this one, so I will always be looking for programmer help.



Eric D. Tippett
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You can post here or just email me at

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Hi, depending on how much is to be done, i might be able to help.

Send me an email and we can discuss : danny [at] anscamobile [dot] com

peach pellen
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Moved to marketplace :)

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Would love to help with this! email me at if you still need some help, thanks

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Hi Eric,
We are running a mobile development company and very interested in this job. We have so far developed 50 apps on iOS, Android, and Blackberry and have clients in US, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Can I have your email so that we can get in touch? Or pls drop me a line at or haianh027 (skype).
Look forward to hear from you soon,
Thanks and regards,
HaiAnh Nguyen

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