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I would like to buy the Pro to offer to Android market also.
I can do this iOS dev and collect in app purchase money without any ado. No LLC, Merchant account or 800+ credit rating needed. I am concerned going the android route they I need a Google merchant account to offer in app purchases. My credit score would most likely prevent me from doing that. It is middle the road. Plus I believe I would need an official LLC which is not free to do, Business checking account and the list goes on...
Is this correct for android?
I have an existing Paypal professional account that I have had for years. I can accept payments via CC cards and so on with no limits.
Can I use that account and offer my app on android market with in app purchases?. Or does it have to be tied to Google merchant account for that? I have read to the end of the internet looking for answers so I am hoping to hear from someone with hands on experience that knows the nitty gritty details of logistics surrounding purchases/in app purchases using the android market. And of course does corona expose paypal or other needed methods in their API.


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There is no inapp purchase support for android in Corona at the moment.

Joshua pointed out that it should be available by the end of this month. Myself and many others have been patiently waiting for it.

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Well I guess I am won't be ready for a month of so anyway.
Do you know about the droid process? For one click purchases can it be done with paypal or you have to have a full Google merchant account only?
Sorry, I have only worked with iPhones and kind of new at that even.

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