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Hey guys.

When submitting bugs, please include all code files and assets (ie artwork or sounds) needed in order to run your project.

When you fail to do this, several issues occur

1) We either can't examine your bug report or
2) We have to modify your code to make it run with the missing files.

Sometimes option 2 just isn't feasible.

So please follow below guidelines:

How to submit a bug :

1) Prepare a zip file of your project (preferably stripped down to a test case) that contains all needed assets, and code files.

2) Run your test case project to ensure it works and all needed code and assets are included.

3) Submit the bug here with as much information as you can provide on the bug (the more the better) including your test case file.


Doing this will get your bug investigated quicker and help us improve our database.



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Quick question. How do we check on the status of a previously submitted bug?

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Sorry for the late reply.

Login to the bug tracker

Then once logged in from the main menu choose the following option : Check the status of a case

Then simply enter the case number.

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How do I withdraw a bug, if it transpires it wasn't a bug at all?

I'd like to withdraw:

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