Why allowed to use on only one system ?

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I purchased Corona, I use Windows for development, so whenever I need to generate build for IOS or test the code written for IOS, I have to Deauthorize my machine and login from Mac machine to make Corona SDK work.

Why do I have to deauthorize and authorize everytime ? Why cant it only be locked for generating builds on other machine and run on Simulator allowed on second machine. I cant use an older free version on Mac as the old version 591 does not have alot of things in it.




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i use windows too a lot, and build on Mac after, and never had this problem. Maybye you try to run both at the same time?

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Hi Sheraz,

You can use the Corona simulator on 2 different machines at the same time. I have authorized Corona on both Mac and Windows.

Maybe you have one third machine/account "authorized" at the moment that you do not remember.

Contact support if you need a deactivation: http://developer.anscamobile.com/forms/support

I had the problem before, and after contacting support they reset my authorized computers and i could authorize on both computers again.

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I'd highly recommend checking out this thread, and perhaps chiming in!


I agree that Windows users are at an obvious disadvantage, because Mac can export to both Android and iOS, while Windows can only export to Android.

So if you have a Mac desktop, and a mac laptop - 2 licenses is all you would ever need between being in the office, or on the road. For windows users however, it's much more difficult. The best workaround I can think of, is to make the deauthorization process easier. There have been times where I needed to deauthorize one of my licenses to run on another machine I no longer had access to (e.g. virtual machine) - and since support requests are only answered during weekdays, if you need help resetting a license during a weekend, you're out of luck.

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Thanks rmbsoft,

I 'll contact Support and I hope its solved just as you mentioned.

cheers bye!

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