Air Hockey Template for sale in app store

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Is this even allowed?
If you are the creator of the game and graphics then my apologies, otherwise should this be tolerated?


If I'm out of line let me know.

And for fun check the Support page...

EDIT: is adding AI enough to repackage and sell Corona Templates?
( I've created a game based on air hockey template but about 5% of the code remains and it uses original artwork)

Just wonder how you guys feel about this.


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Perhaps, he is the creator of the game and the template.

Check out EightBall Pool also :

The templates are "Open sourced MIT Licensed". May be there is no problem with this.
But can someone clarify?

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The templates offered by Ansca are MIT licensed, so you can do what you want with it. Including putting it up on the iTunes store. However putting up the sample templates will not make any one popular in the CoronaSDK community.

you are flustered by Air Hockey, have you seen
Angry Fred - Ghosts Vs Monsters
Bug Ninja - Fruit Ninja
Crazy Bear - Monster Tilt
Mad Pumpkin - Ghosts Vs Monsters

this guy has just put each one of the templates as his game by changing the graphics in most of them.

I am sure that James Mieczkowski will not be a very liked person on the forums. Though legally there is nothing wrong that he has done, it is ethically wrong.



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James Mieczkowski

Yep, I laugh at people like him. If you just want to chase after the money and enjoy what you do 2nd, no success will come to a person like that.

It's very lame indeed!

I found his youtube channel advertising his games. Incredible that people are that lame. I understand the templates are open and all that but still.


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Code is MIT and we should leave the credits in our code.
The Corona templates state this at the top of the main.lua file.
So I think as long as we give credit to the original dev, that should be fine.
Even so I would still change the code substantially.

Seems I'm a bit naive. Didn't know this was so prevalent.
Maybe they're sharing the profits with the original developers ;)

I suppose it's all about credibility.
Corona and this community has made it possible for me to develop mobile games.
I would not want to rip anyone off just for the sake of $0.99 a pop.

Each to his own I suppose.

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I agree!

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PeachPellen has some good templates. I bought her space shooter for $30 bucks. I could have easily just swapped everything and released it. I didn't do that - instead I ripped it apart to see how each component worked, and how to adapt that component to different situations.

If a person can understand the concept of something, then the template can really help out the creativity in creating something new.

Of course this guy avoided ALL the above, and just did some crappy copy and replace on assets and called it the day.

Oh well, like people say to each his own. Won't make any friends though.

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these guys are probably rolling in so much cash that they don't need friends
because of their cash they have so many friends that they don't care about the community...


nicholasclayg, your attitude and approach is spot on!

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It is all sad to be reading...
Imagine...I have just started, do not know nothing, do not study anything, get a template made for help me out getting learning (at least I think like this) and just skipping all of the right way I run and put into app store the templates!

Bad! But it makes part of the "game" we know...

BTW I think this guy is going to have to be waiting some more "fresh" Ansca templates for him try to get a little bit more money because I cannot believe him can code anything doing what he does.

So...lets keep going the right way guys and forget the miserable shortcuts. :)


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i could probably just grab a cheap template and ship my "game" in hour, but what good will it get for anybody? sure its easy, but why even bother buying engine like corona to do something like this?
make your own games and be happy(or hippy, one can choose) )

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