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Any chance of being able to get this into Corona SDK? Super super super interested in this. Or if anyone has any ideas on a work around. Obviously accessing native code is a no go but just a thought.

Really really really interested in getting this going!


import android.content.Intent;
Intent i = new Intent();
i.setAction( "com.bn.sdk.shop.details" );
i.putExtra( "product_details_ean" , "2940043350251" );
startActivity( i );


carlos m. icaza
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we are working with nook on nook specficic intents - but no ETA


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Thanks Carlos!

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Any update to Nook Intents ETA?

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I'm also very interested in this. I'm not sure how else I can have my free app promote and link to my full app.

carlos m. icaza
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we have IAP for android first. then amazon, then nook.

see blog for video and some details.


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What is the status of SHOP API for Nook. B&N kepp rejecting my app due to this issue. I can not submit free trial app without shop api.


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Almost 1 year and this feature is still not there. Nor is Amazon IAP and Nook IAP.

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@enginortan, do you mean B&N will reject free/trial version of a NOOK app if SHOP API isn't included in the free/trial version? If that's the case, does it also mean only version that B&N approves is a version that users have to pay before they can access the app. (And I guess that's why we can't get the rate-it direct link from within the app...?) Hmmmmm...


Edit: It appears when I made a reply post, it became double posts. When I deleted one of the two, it deleted both (instead of one of the two). So... I'm putting back the original post...

Joshua Quick
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We've recently added a new API called native.showPopup("rateApp") that will display the "Write Review" window for your app from the app store that it was downloaded from. It supports the following app stores:
- iTunes App Store
- Google Play
- Samsung App Store
- Amazon App Store
- Nook App Store

Here is a quick example of how to call this function.

local settings =
    iOSAppId = "Your iOS App's ID",
    nookAppEAN = "Your Nook App's EAN",
    supportedAndroidStores = { "samsung", "google", "amazon", "nook" },
native.showPopup("rateApp", settings)

You only need to provide an app ID and EAN on iOS and Nook respectively. No additional information is required for Google Play, Amazon, or Samsung app stores since they use your app's package name as the ID.

The supportedAndroidStores setting is needed in case your app was not installed by an app store (such as via "adb install"), in which case Corona has to guess which app store it belongs to. Corona does this by hunting down all of the app stores installed on the Android device and it picks one of those stores, but only if it is in your supported list.

This new feature will be made available in daily build #907, tomorrow. We've also update the documentation for the native.showPopup() function in that daily build's API docs.

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