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Many of the developers that face the problem of trolls that leave one star reviews can know that generally the ones that leave these one start reviews are the losers that get the apps for free. I wanted to test the android market and I put out an app there for free. CoronaSDK has had limitations with Android so the app was not exactly something to talk about, but nevertheless, the paid version got 2 installs, which they immediately uninstalled for a refund, the free version has had 118 installs of which 20 are still active installs. Of which two guys commented with 1 start reviews. One of them definitely might be here on the forums, a fella called Jordan. Mate for you being a jerk, I do not have words to express.

I guess it is not so much about the rankings on my app, as that is not what I bank on, but the attitude of fellow developers is appalling...

the OS, Android itself lacks a lot, then the CoronaFramework is a bit lagging and then with little or no revenues coming in from Android, it is a lost cause.

what do you think?




peach pellen
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You said "developers", plural.

I'm curious as to whether you think, or know, that one or more of your two reviews comes from someone within the community.

At the end of the day, all apps get bad reviews - even the best - if it's nasty and ridiculous, ignore it and move on - if it is constructive criticism take in your stride and work to improve.

Such is the life of a developer!

Peach :)

carlos m. icaza
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Well, the fact that two CoronaSDK apps are front center on the market.android.com store, Blast Monkeys and Walkabout, and on the Amazon Android market place Grisly Manor broke into the top ten, and on the NOOKColor we have had Float as the number 2 app for a few days, says that CoronaSDK for Android is ready for primetime.

Blast Monkeys crossed the one million download mark on the Android marketplace, yesterday and sneaking up are Walkabout and Grisly Manor on Android as well.

I also doubt that anyone from our community would have left any negative remarks. If they did, or do, I agree that it is a bit callous of them not to support a fellow developer on the same framework.

Android marketplace is known for apps being free, and users not wanting to pay for them. Also, know is the issue of refund like you stated.

Distimo research proves that the although the Android marketplace is gaining, it is less profitable for developers. See


and from Distimo website http://www.distimo.com/blog/2011_05_in-depth-view-on-download-volumes-in-the-google-android-market/


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