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carlos m. icaza
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our ever growing pile of features just never stops :-) which is great because we get to hear from you firsthand what features you want.

one thing i would like your help is that since we have the bug base and it has been functional now for quite a few months now is to also start using it as a way to add and track features.

if you want a feature in the product, enter it as a bug, and in the comments - add - this is a feature request. Then once you have a ticket number, enter it here along with the forum post. that way, I, along with my staff when we scour the forums, we know that the item has a ticket and we can track inside of it as well or comment on it right away.

i think i make sense on what am trying to say.



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Hi Carlos,
With all due respect. Wouldn't it be easier to just modify your form to add feature request and put a new link in here?

I think it would be a mess for the whole community to learn this new process, especially since very few people are going to read this post.

carlos m. icaza
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it would be easier if .....



Stephen Lewis
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Is it really going to be easier to manage 87 "bugs" for an identical feature request ("native adMob support yadda yadda")? Who at Ansca wants to go through and close all those bugs once a feature is implemented?

carlos m. icaza
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simple : duplicate of -> xyz


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Is using the same bug tracker instance for both features and bugs a good idea? You're not going to be able to differentiate them easily given we're not providing a filter-compatible identifier to distinguish features, other than the comment you've suggested adding.

It would be more sensible to create a second bug tracker instance on a separate server, then remove from it the required 'steps to reproduce' and file selection fields. These two are currently required for submission, yet are irrelevant for feature requests.

~ D

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Not sure this is the right place to ask, but:

Is there a timetable for fixing the missing scrollbars in ScrollView and TableView widgets that have not worked in a great many monhts, or is there a workaround?

I filed a support request on this on June 8 (Case 14828), a bug report on June 2 (Case 14011) and have not received a response. Regarding the bug report, I see the bug in the FogBugz list, but clicking on the item returns, 'No case was found associated with the ticket 14011_e392kbnjcsfvs0u".

I'm looking to release product to the Apple Store in about a month or so, and am not comfortable releasing with these features missing.


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