To test In-App Purchases I need products, for which I need the app already in iTunes Connect?

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Do I understand it right... that I need to create the app in iTunes Connect (including screenshots, icon, description etc.) if I want to start coding & testing the In-App Purchases functionality?

When I click to "Create New In App Purchase" in iTunes Connect, it only lets me pick from my existing apps, but it's for the one I'm currently creating...

(I guess I can submit without finally uploading the binary, I'm just curious if I understand this right.)



Stephen Lewis
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I'm going through the same process with my first app. This walkthrough, while not Corona specific, has been super helpful for me:


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Thanks for the pointer! Quote:

> This detail is not mentioned anywhere in Apple’s documentation,
> but is a requirement nonetheless. You must submit a binary for
> your application in order to successfully test in-app purchases.
> Even if you aren’t 100% done, you need to submit a binary.
> However, you can immediately reject the binary so it won’t go
> through the review process.

This is so weird... submitting an unfinished binary when you're in the coding stage.

Can products be shared among different apps (even unsubmitted ones)? I'm asking because I'm wondering if it might be feasible to create a dummy test product first for another (existing & approved, but unrelated) app, then access this product from the unsubmitted app to test. Would that work at all?

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