CPM 2.2.2 little bug

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Just noticed a small bug in CPM, thought I'd let you know before I forget.

I have been coding a few levels up and thought I'd save time and save the file game.lua (which is open in a tab within CPM ) out to another file (game3.lua) so I went to file save as and named my file which all worked fine, added back my new game3.lua file as an existing asset back into my project however I became confused when I doubled clicked on game3.lua and nothing happened. Game.lua was still the only opened lua document.

What it looks like is the tab text for game.lua wasn't updated when i saved the document out and the actual document was game3.lua.

Nothing major, I just closed the tab and opened game3.lua and carried on coding, but thought I'd mention the glitch as it could be confusing.

Hopefully this make some kind of sense:)


J. A. Whye
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Yes, that would be confusing. :)

Thanks for letting me know, I'll stick it on the list.


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