Where are the co-founders

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carlos m. icaza
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Where in the world is Carlos and Walter?

- Well, tomorrow, April 26th, 2011, we will make a major announcement, and we have been busy in getting all our ducks in a row for tomorrow's announcement plus other Corona goings.

We have been allowed to come out for a breath of fresh air and share with you some tremendous news tomorrow and we will setup a webcast soon to do a Q&A with you regarding the latest build, roadmap, and highlights of what we plan to do in terms of monetization.

Stay tune and I look forward to seeing your reaction to tomorrows news



peach pellen
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When I saw the post title for a minute I was a tad worried ;)

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I'll take a stab - NOOK Color?

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Was Nook Color the BIIIIGG announcement/news?
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Apparently. Not much of a big deal imho.

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