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carlos m. icaza
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Hello fellow developers,

In our ongoing efforts to get your apps noticed by a broader audience, I mentioned a while back what we will be doing co-marketing efforts as well as PR and other sorts of things to get your app noticed


Today marks the start of such on-going effort. We released a PR where we highlight two apps, Float by CrawlSpaceGames and Bloki by Driftlabs.

If you do a google serach, you will see the PR got picked up by some major outlets like


Even crazy: PalmReview

And I need you guys to help me out too in order to get your apps into as many eyes as possible.

How can you help me?

If your app gets into the what's hot, news and noteworthy, blogs, or starts picking up steam (downloads start going through the roof)

let me know immediately by emailing us at co-marketing AT anscamobile DOT com

I also want you to twitter your app, facebook it, etc under your account, and include the @ansca #CoronaSDK hash. Our head of PR monitors the twitter feeds with those tags (his computer looks like a NASA control station monitoring twitter/facebook/news/) The moment you start twitting about your app, etc, then we can re-tweet to our community, facebook it on our pages, etc.

Then at the discretion of our VP of marketing and head of PR, they will contact you and get the information to be included in our newsletter, PR, marketing collateral, web page panels, etc. (We have Robot99 and Float on our Panels).

Go get a twitter account if you don't have one, create a facebook fan page of your company/app, let us know about how well your app is doing. (Specially our international friends. We need to know if you app is on the top of the charts internationally). Send us screen shots from the App Store[s].

Lets get you the visibility !



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