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carlos m. icaza
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Hello team

As we are approaching our ship date which should be any day now, I want to discuss the state of Android and open up a dialog and share my thoughts with you and get your feedback.

Due to my limited bandwidth, I need a handful of you to volunteer with me and need for you to either have shipped an Android app with Corona or are in the process of shipping an app with Corona. (Carlos, uh duuh!) ;-)

Anyone who would like to participate in my discussion, please e-mail me at cicaza @ anscamobile.com with the subject title "ANDROID FRAGMENTATION"

I have setup a filter on my email to search for "ANDROID FRAGMENTATION" subject headline and this way I can track your e-mail.

Thank you and I look forward to discussing with you my vision for Android

If you could provide me with some initial information on your e-mail such as

The type of device you have
Issue of issues you are having - performance - touch - event - missing features
The type of app - game / non-game
Things you want to see - more UI controls / paypal integration / admob
Additional information you think may be prevalent for me in developing or adding features to corona - even stuff like I need to remove my pocket protector when on video or remove the tape holding my glasses....

The more info I have up front from you, the better