Corona Daily Builds Summary

CoronaSDK 2014.2524

Thu, 2014-12-18 12:24

Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2524

  • Android: Updated target SDK from Android 4.1 to 5.0. (Minimum version supported is still Android 2.3.3.)
  • Android: Upgraded to build with Android NDK 10d. (Was using NDK 8b.)
  • Core: Maintenance

CoronaSDK 2014.2523

Thu, 2014-12-18 02:36

Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2523

  • maint
  • Android: Maintenance
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance

CoronaSDK 2014.2522

Wed, 2014-12-17 11:34

Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2522

  • Maintenance
  • maint
  • fixed missing tag for 2517
  • Maintenance
  • Graphics: Set hue filter to require high precision, since intermediate calculations between RGB/HSV require highp.
  • Maintenance
  • Windows: Maintenance

CoronaSDK 2014.2521

Tue, 2014-12-16 02:39

Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2521

  • iOS - Fix issue that iOS builds don't have testflight beta entitlement - casenum 37100
  • iOS - Revert previous fix for iOS builds don't have testflight beta entitlement as it was incomplete - no casenum

CoronaSDK 2014.2520

Sat, 2014-12-13 15:14

Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2520

  • Core - Fix issue with Starter accounts using the debugger - no casenum
  • Windows: Added "adaptive" scale mode support to the Windows version of the Corona Simulator.
  • Mac - Fixed blurriness with some skins - no casenum
  • Mac: Corona Simulator now simulates the default system font size for Android and iOS. (Not supported for WP8 skins yet.)
  • Mac: Corona Simulator now automatically scales the fonts in TextFields/TextBoxes when zooming in/out.
  • Core: Added new native TextField functions resizeHeightToFitFont() and resizeFontToFitHeight().
  • Core: Native TextFields now automatically resizes its font to best fit the height of the field.
  • Core: Now automatically scales up/down the font within a TextField/TextBox when Corona's content scale changes dynamically. (Only applicable on Android tablets when changing from portrait to landscape and vice-versa because the aspect ratio of the window changes.)
  • Core: [BREAKING CHANGE] Modified TextField/TextBox properties "size" and "font" to use a Corona content scaled font size by default, like display.newText(), instead of a native Apple/Android point size. (For legacy behavior, set new property "isFontSizeScaled" to false.)
  • iOS: Worked-around iOS bug where you couldn't change a native TextBox's font settings until you assign text to it first.
  • Core: Added a new display.get/setDefault() property "isNativeTextFieldFontSizeScaled" and "isNativeTextBoxFontSizeScaled", which when set false, will allow you to set the font size of native TextFields/TextBoxes using the native Apple/Android font point system (ie: legacy mode).
  • Core: Setting the font size of an object to nil or zero now makes it use the system's default font size.
  • Core: Can now pass a native.newFont() object to display.newText() for the font type.
  • Windows: Corona Simulator now simulates the default system font size for Android and iOS. (Not support for WP8 skins yet.)
  • WP8: Added system default font size support.
  • Mac/Windows: Updated the Corona Simulator WP8 skins to support the WP8 system's default font size.
  • Android: [Breaking Change] Resolved issue where native TextFields/TextBoxes would be displayed smaller than expected due to Android's 9-patch theme having too much transparency around the UI's border. Now adjusted to be larger to best fit the border within the bounds provided in Lua. This better matches the TextField/TextBox size on iOS and Mac.

CoronaSDK 2014.2517

Mon, 2014-12-08 14:44

Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2517

  • Core - Fix issue with Starter accounts using the debugger - no casenum
  • Windows: Added "adaptive" scale mode support to the Windows version of the Corona Simulator.
  • Maintenance

CoronaSDK 2014.2515

Wed, 2014-12-03 11:37

Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2515

  • Mac/CoronaCore: Project cleanup
  • Maintenance

CoronaSDK 2014.2512

Mon, 2014-12-01 16:38

Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2512

  • Mac/iOS: Add placeholder support for textboxes. Casenum: 36804
  • WP8: Added a "Getting started guide" web link to the CoronaCards Visual Studio extension.
  • WP8: Updated CoronaCards zip file's "Get Started.html" to indicate that "Visual Studio Community 2013" is supported.
  • WP8: Updated the CoronaCards zip file's "Get Started.html" file.
  • 64b
  • Merge
  • 64b

CoronaSDK 2014.2511

Tue, 2014-11-18 19:09

Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2511


    CoronaSDK 2014.2510

    Tue, 2014-11-18 18:29

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2510

    • Mac - Restore missing build logs to Simulator Console and tidy up subprocesses on exit - casenums 37145, 37208

    CoronaSDK 2014.2509

    Mon, 2014-11-17 19:35

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2509

    • Composer API: Fixing a regression with the hide event did phase for slide transitions between scenes. Casenum #37141
    • Widget 2.0: Fixing a regression bug with setState programatically on radio buttons. No casenum.
    • Mac - Corona Console receives output from all Simulators running - casenum 37145

    CoronaSDK 2014.2506

    Fri, 2014-11-14 02:41

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2506

    • WP8: Fixed bug where text objects sometimes disappear when returning/resuming from an AdMob interstitial ad when the app is set up for landscape orientation and 60 FPS mode.

    CoronaSDK 2014.2505

    Wed, 2014-11-12 19:01

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2505

    • Win - Fix missing New Projects icons issue - casenum 36992
    • Mac - Fix missing leading whitespace in Simulator Console - casenum 37041

    CoronaSDK 2014.2502

    Wed, 2014-11-12 11:45

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2502

    • Maintenance
    • Maintenance
    • Mac/iOS - Fix issue which prevented iPhone-only Enterprise apps from being built correctly - casenum 37034

    CoronaSDK 2014.2501

    Wed, 2014-11-12 10:55

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2501

    • Maintenance
    • Maintenance

    CoronaSDK 2014.2500

    Wed, 2014-11-12 02:40

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2500

    • Typo

    CoronaSDK 2014.2499

    Tue, 2014-11-11 15:56

    Release notes for build 2014.2484 through 2014.2499

    • Core - Fix issue with custom properties on DisplayObjects - casenum 36991
    • Composer API: fixing an issue with the hide event phases firing at the same time on slide transitions. Casenum #35517.
    • Composer API: Fixing ccscene files generated by the Composer GUI not being loaded in overlays. Casenum #34176.
    • Composer API: Fixing two issues when reentering the same scene. Casenum #34129.
    • Composer Framework: Fixing an issue with the did phase of the scene show event being triggered twice. Casenum #32631
    • Widget 2.0: Fixing a regression issue affecting the pull to refresh functionality on scrollviews. No casenum.
    • Widget 2.0: Added failsafe on scrollview manipulation to prevent errors on composer scene changes when the scene contains scrollviews. Casenum #35105
    • Android Corona Cards: Fix an issue with the CoronaView consuming the keyevents. Now if you want key events you will have to set the key listener view setOnKeyListener.
    • Android: Added new "build.settings" option "settings.android.allowAppsReadOnlyAccessToFiles". When set false, prevents Corona's "FileContentProvider" from granting read-only access to the app's files to external apps. True by default (for backward compatibility) and is needed to make mail attachments work or to open the app's files via system.openURL().
    • Mac - Corona Simulator now starts a log window itself rather than depending on Corona Terminal - no casenum
IDEs can specify the "-no-console YES" command line argument to turn off the console (same as on Windows).
If you really don't like the new behavior, you can set a boolean preference called "no-console" to "yes" and things will go old school.
    • Mac - Fix behavior of "Show Runtime Errors" Simulator preference (it is now honored unless it is overridden by the app's config.lua) - casenum 36998
    • Mac - address window positioning issues - casenum 36994
Should fix the "when I use skin XXX nothing appears on the screen" issue.
    • Android: Fixed bug introduced in build #2495 where backing out of the app will cause an app crash on Android 4.0 or older devices when *not* using the new "settings.android.coronaWindowMovesWhenKeyboardAppears" build.settings feature.
    • Mac - Fix issue with running the iOS Simulator when a borderless skin was selected - no casenum
    • Mac - fixed various issues running the Xcode iOS Simulator in Xcode 6.1 - casenum 36836
    • iOS: Fixes casenum: 34495. Fixes regression so that if build.settings file is missing or the orientation table is not provided, Corona will default to portrait-only orientation.
    • Android: Added new experimental "build.settings" property "settings.android.coronaWindowMovesWhenKeyboardAppears", which when set true, will automatically pan/move the app when the virtual keyboard is displayed to show the TextField/Box that is currently being edited. (Note that the top status bar will no longer be overlaid on top of the app when in this mode, meaning the app window will be displayed under the status bar instead with a shorter pixel height. This is by Google's design. This may cause resize events when transitioning to/from your app when the status bar is shown/hidden.)
    • Core - fix handling of StageObject indices - casenum 36881
    • Windows - new application icon in the modern style - no casenum
    • iOS: Keyboard/window shifting: Restore old behavior as default so now you have to opt-in to the window shift behavior. Two reasons: (1) this cannot be done reliably cross-platform and (2) this only works in single-orientation apps (either portrait or landscape) but fails in multi-orientation apps (going from portrait to landscape, or vice versa). To *opt-in*, you can add a build.settings parameter to deactivate shifting. In the 'plist' table, add the following property (if not supplied, we assume this property is false): CoronaWindowMovesWhenKeyboardAppears=true
    • Mac, Windows - fixed issue with Unicode spaces in app names - casenum 36859
    • Mac - Improvements to window positioning, rotating on OS X 10.10 (and 10.9) - casenums 36679, 36115, 35206
    • iOS: Updated Corona Enterprise sample projects to include "Icon-60@3x.png" and "Icon-Small@3x.png" app icon files.
    • Mac - New Yosemite style application icon - no casenum
    • iOS: Fixes 36832: Adaptive mode did not work correctly in landscape mode.
    • Android/iOS: Modified CoronaCards versions to allow trial license files to work with daily builds. (WP8 version does not require a trial license file.)
    • Core - config.lua setting "showRuntimeErrors" now defaults to true if Lua code is compiled for debug, i.e. is not a store build (it can still be set explicitly in config.lua) - no casenum
    • Android: Added xxhdpi and xxxhdpi notification icon support via "IconNotificationDefault-xxhdpi-v11.png" and "IconNotificationDefault-xxxhdpi-v11.png" files. (Icons are expected to be 72x72 and 96x96 respectively.)
    • Core - Display object introspection: added DisplayObject properties "_type", "_properties", "_defined", "_lastChange" - no casenum

    CoronaSDK 2014.2484

    Sat, 2014-11-01 01:36

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2484

    • WP8: Fixed bug where sometimes image/text objects disappear after suspending/resuming the app while the screen is static (ie: no movement or animation).
    • iOS: Keyboard/window shifting: For backward compatibility, you can add a build.settings parameter to deactivate shifting. In the 'plist' table, add the following property (if not supplied, we assume this property is false): CoronaWindowLockedWhenKeyboardAppears=true
    • WP8: Fixed bug with display.newText() where it would wrongly condense the size of the object to fit the text instead of using the given width and height, if provided.

    CoronaSDK 2014.2483

    Fri, 2014-10-31 01:37

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2483

    • Android: Fix an issue with trying to play full screen videos in a webview. It will now go full screen on Android 4.4 and above and allow you to replay in Android < 4.4. Casenum: 31126

    CoronaSDK 2014.2482

    Thu, 2014-10-30 01:36

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2482

    • iOS: When a keyboard appears, the window will shift upward so that the selected native textfield/textbox sits above the keyboard.
    • Core: Fix for casenum 27738

    CoronaSDK 2014.2481

    Wed, 2014-10-29 14:49

    Release notes for build 2014.2481

    • Widgets - widget library has global variables: limit, self, imageSheet - casenum 34512
    • Widgets - newPickerWheel() labels mis-aligning - casenum 33559
    • Widgets - pickerWheel crash when quickly scroll upwards (simulator) - casenum 34254
    • Widgets - scrollview bug - Error when scrollview is removed in the same frame when something is inserted - casenum 32941
    • Widgets - scrollview inside scrollview takefocus crash - casenum 35215
    • Widgets - scrollview widget lock (by adding setIsLocked(BOOL trueFalse, [String direction] (“horizontal” or “vertical")) - casenum 32845
    • Widgets - (scrollView):getContentPosition() bug - casenum 34675
    • Widgets - obj:setValue() method is not yet implemented for newSegmentedControl - (setActiveSegment()) - casenum 29143
    • Widgets - widget.newSwitch x position is wrong while right-aligned - casenum 30306
    • Widgets - newScrollView defect when changing width / height - casenum 31122
    • Widgets - scrollView “:scrollTo()” scrolls past the limits of the scrollView - casenum 33997
    • Widgets - scrollview critical bugs - casenum 33080
    • Widgets - scrollview setIsLocked bug - casenum 35411
    • Widgets - pickerWheel jumps to the wrong value when scrolling - casenum 32531
    • Widgets - widget.newTableView() Exceeding row height / width can cause alignment issues - casenum 24999
    • Transition - transition.cancel cancels subsequent calls to transition.to - casenum 34170
    • Transition - transition cancel bug - casenum 34182

    CoronaSDK 2014.2479

    Wed, 2014-10-29 01:41

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2479

    • Core: Fixes potential crash when accessing the 'path' property for newPolygon-based objects.

    CoronaSDK 2014.2478

    Sat, 2014-10-25 01:35

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2478

    • Core: Fix for casenum 34771

    CoronaSDK 2014.2477

    Fri, 2014-10-24 14:33

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2477

    • Android: Add support for xxxhdpi icon images. Casenum: 36483
    • Win - Include Windows Phone skins in installer - no casenum
    • Mac - Improved user experience when either Xcode or Java are missing - no casenum
    • Maintenance

    CoronaSDK 2014.2473

    Fri, 2014-10-24 01:37

    Release notes for build 2014. through 2014.2473

    • Mac/Win - Added device skins for Windows Phones - no casenum

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