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Run Rabbit Run

Posted by aabweber, Posted on November 17, 2011

Run Rabbit Run - simple scrolling platform game.
Rabbit run and jump between platforms, catch lives and carrots.

The goal of project is provide new Corona SDK developers with simple game template.
Fill free to use any part of game as you wish.

I will write more details about "how to" on my blog

You can download game here.


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@ aabweber

Thanks for Sharing

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brilliant thanks for sharing this. for everyone, click anywhere on screen with your mouse to jump. this will save you some frustration later.

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Great platform example. Well done. I'm sure it will be popular.

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must check this out thanks!

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Who will prompt why game ideally works in a stimulator, but after installation to phone at the first start writes an error of the appendix. But if to leave and come into game, works normally further.

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Really good, thank you for Sharing.

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GREEEEAAAT...!!!! thank