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Corona Game Template by Ziray Studio Labs

Posted by Eric, Posted on October 15, 2010, Last updated October 18, 2011

The template includes example code for:

Display groups
Orientation and accelerometer
Touch with buttons
File reading
Example level file for scripting game play
The template separates functionality into modules for an object oriented approach.

If you find the template useful, please consider buying a copy of our current application to support us. It’d mean a lot. Also, check out our company website if you’re an iPhone programmer as we’re looking to bring on some independent programmers.


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I've started to set my game up using this but I'm starting to get confused with what code should be going where.

I have a working prototype Menu with animated BG and separate Title / Character image as well as menu buttons. These buttons call slide over semi transparent screens.

Now these currently work in the single function / file and I'm getting close to having them work in the MVC but I getting a little lost.
How do I prevent things being constantly called and how do I get rid of things once they are off screen and other questions...??
Any help would be appreciated.