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Break Out Game

Posted by carlos m. icaza, Posted on October 16, 2010

At a training seminar we setup once, we went through and build a break out game from scratch.

Evan Kirchhoff, our sr. engineer put it together and we are uploading it for you to see how easy it is to do a full game in a few lines using Corona.


There are six folders that build up to to the final game play.


Corona 2.0


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I keep getting an error indicating that I don't have permission to access the requested resource.

carlos m. icaza
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Try now.

Sorry about that...


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Hey Carlos

Dunno what happened there, just started spazzing out and making a grgrgrgrgrrrrrr sound and left the particle trail of a couple of the blocks I'd already hit for some reason. How can that be fixed or was it a one off error?


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The top of the main.lua in Brick 6 mentions this:

"Any functions and variables that we want to use "globally" can be declared as local up here.
The advantage of doing this here is that we can treat them like globals below, while also
retaining the compiler optimization that results from local variables in Lua."

What compiler optimizations are there? Speed increases perhaps, or just better memory usage?

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Speed increases. Lua can use LOCAL stuff faster (use of stack) than global stuff.

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Some bricks don't dissappear completely

Corona 20011.268