Range Slider

Posted by R4T40, Posted on January 11, 2014

GitHub URL:

This Range Slider is a Two Handles Sliders with maximum and minimum values if you want.
This is the same code as the widget.slider from the corona guys i just made some changes and added the ability to use as a double handle slider.
It's easier to make ranges selections this way and if someone find any error please let me know.

to download the code go Github.

The link to take look on youtube and see woking

-- Don`t forget the widget because the slider use the slider theme of the corona.

Easy Slider (SpringBoard) for Levelselect / HowTo ..

Posted by guruk, Posted on August 12, 2011

Simple Example (full working Code)

how to make a Slider (Springboard) for your Level Selection or a HowTo Page where the User can slide through your Explanation.

The Demo does use the "Director" Library to switch from one Scene to another
and the "MovieClip" Library to show the SpringBoard Actual Page Circle


I made additional Comments in the Code.

- Demo how to create an automatic Level Display (5 Rows to 5 Columns)

Enhanced "springboard" slide/photo viewer

Posted by ignis075, Posted on August 10, 2011

New, enhanced "slider + springboard" module, to mimic standard iOS page flip functionality

This module mimics the standard iOS "page springboard" for use in your own app. I designed it to resemble iOS as near as possible, so end users can instantly recognize the interface they use every day on their iOS phone or tablet. Also works for Android, of course. :)


    Corona UI update

    Posted by keithmfoster7, Posted on June 18, 2011

    This update does the following:

    - fixes a bug in the CoronaUI that will has the overlay of the picker shifted to the right by 160 pixels. Found this was the case, when viewing the picker using iPad.

    - Added two new features to the Slider component. These are event listeners. One is for a text output and the other an integer. See main.lua for usage and demo.

    local coronaUI = require( "coronaui" )
    -- define the background screen group for the slider button.
    local myScreen = coronaUI.newScreen( nil, true, "Slider Button Demo", "white",false )

    Customisable Slider

    Posted by horacebury, Posted on February 14, 2011

    Though this may be about to become obsolete, this library provides a very configurable slider control. The full download is here:

    The original forum threads are here:

    The updated thread:

    Demo video:

    Corona 2.0

    Slider module (springboard functionality), warning: shameless promotion inside

    Posted by ez123, Posted on January 19, 2011

    Hi all,

    Here is a simple but powerful Slider (springboard) module I've created for my recent iPhone game (Fingerless 3D).
    This module enables you to create "slides" which the user can slide / swipe between.
    1. Each slide is a display group, which enables it to contain any other display objects (text, buttons etc.)
    2. Ability to add "control buttons" which indicates which is the current slide and enables the user to jump to another slide

    Corona 2.0